These are guidelines for contributors to the ideas factory.

1. One idea per post.

Keeping to one idea per post means that when searches are done, there is nothing unrelated popping up in the results. It keeps everything simple.

2. Tag appropriately.

Tagging your idea makes the blog searchable for all users, and means your idea is more likely to be useful to someone else.  Use this to say what skills are practised, how much prep is required before the idea can be used etc…If you’re not sure which tags to choose, you can choose from the most used tags when writing your post.

3. Categorise.

What is your activity useful for? Tick the right box(es) to say whether it’s a starter, plenary, game, puzzle…

4. Credit where it’s due.

If you saw something great that someone else did and they’re happy for you to share it, please do mention them either in the post or in the tags. Posts on this blog by any particular user should not be taken as a claim of invention or being the first person ever to have done an activity. (I didn’t invent the wordsearch).

5. Just go for it!

Don’t worry about making mistakes with tagging or categorising, an admin will fix any major confusions for you. Also, please don’t assume that your idea is not worth posting because you think it’s one “everyone will already know”. You may be surprised! 


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  1. Tommie says:

    I like it when individuals get together and share ideas.
    Great site, continue the good work!

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