If you want to contribute to the blog, you can do so! You can join us (with no pressure to regularly update, or even to contribute more than one idea) as a member, or just leave us an idea to share.

I want to post here under my own name and maybe even post more than one idea!

If you’d like to join the blog, just comment on a post using your WordPress account, saying that you’d like to become a contributor. One of the admin will pick up your comment and invite your account to the blog, and you’ll get an email when this happens.

You’ll need a WordPress account to contribute in any case, so if you don’t have one already just create one and then follow the previous step!

I don’t really want the hassle of an account…but I still have an idea to share!

To post just a one-off idea, you may just want to leave it as a comment. If you do this, one of the admin will pick it up and post it, crediting you as the poster.

I’m shy!

Post your idea as an anonymous comment and don’t give us your details. We’ll post and tag it, and credit it as an anonymous idea.


What do you think?

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