I use this a lot with all my sets, particular for verbs practise. For verb tenses, you would have the subject pronouns as the row headings, and 5 verbs for the columns. As the teacher you have a piece of paper with your ‘battleships’ in the form of verbs located around the grid, and the class have to guess where they are by saying the verb correctly, and by saying what it means. I do individual ships and normally have 8 battleships/verbs to sink. To make it more competitive, give them a limit of 26 guesses to find the 8 ships so I can win as well. Obviously pupils can also play against each other.


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  1. misstdunne says:

    This also works well for things like opinions v items, verb v tense as the co-ordinates.

  2. Great for pair work – then followed by teacher game as a kind of mini-plenary :0)

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