I love using this activity to make pupils read a text in detail and you can encourage lots of TL use by giving the class the language they need to do the task, eg: How do you spell that? Say it again please. I’ve forgotten. Yes, that is right. No that is not right, you need a coma/full stop/capital letter etc.

Choose a text (or a few different ones) and stick them up on the walls, preferably as far away from the pupils as possible. Divide students up into small groups (4s works well) and give each group a text on the wall that they will be running to. Appoint a secretary/scribe and a runner, then, on the word go,  the runner runs to the text for their group, runs back to the group and tells the secretary (the only person allowed to write) what the text says, who must write it down correctly. The aim of the game is to be the first group to finish copying the text correctly and you can allocate points to the first few teams to finish. Then you can get the pupils to assess each other’s written texts for errors and for each mistake the team loses a point. At intervals throughout the race, call out ‘change’ so the runner and the secretary have to give their role to someone else. Do this as many times as you dare! I also like to go round listening in and deducting marks for anyone caught speaking in English.



About Samantha Broom

I am a HoMFL at a school in Blackpool and I teach Spanish and French. I was trained at St Martin's College (now University of Cumbria) and believe in making languages fun and enjoyable for all. I am webmistress of www.languagesresources.co.uk and enjoy sharing resources and ideas.

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