Click image to get quiz-quiz-trade cards for topic displayed.


Students each have a small piece of paper/card like the one above with a phrase in the target language and it’s translation underneath.  Students mill around the room, when they ‘bump’ into someone student A will say their phrase in Spanish and student B has to translate (quiz), the same happens with student B’s card (quiz) if both students translate each other’s card correctly they trade, hence the quiz-quiz-trade.  To add an element of competition, ask the students to count the amount of times they exchanged and give a prize/raffle ticket/house point to the winner.


  • A set of cards set out like the one shown above.  If you click the image above you will be able to take my full copy of ‘la hora’.  I have used paper and it is enough to be used several times.

Extension activities

  • Once the students have had a good practise, you could get them practising the same question and answers without support and do role plays in front of the class.

A good activity because…

  • It can be used throughout the key stages, and is particularly useful as an independent speaking activity.
  • You can use it to drill paragraphs, phrases or single words.
  • You can differentiate by having different coloured card/paper so all students know which level they have achieved.
  • Students like competition and it keeps them busy.  Just remind them not to stop after they have done it once.
  • It could be used as a plenary at any stage of the lesson to assess what has been learnt up until that point.
  • You can join in and drill specific pronunciation errors that have frequently occurred.
  • Every class I have done this speaking activity with have enjoyed it and participated fully.

About issacgreaves

I am a huge fan of cross-curricular projects; why not kill two birds with one stone? The beauty of languages is that there is always a way to teach anything through them, History, Geography ICT, Music, Sport etc. All that it takes is a little bit of imagination and collaboration. I am also a fan of using ICT to support my own development and to engage students where possible and that is where blogs like these come in handy. So in a nutshell you have me: blogger, tweeter, collaborator, educational enthusiast, leader of languages, founder and facilitator of ALL Teesside, doctoral student and practitioner of ICT.

4 responses »

  1. Luigidawn says:

    I really like that idea and it could fit in with any topic. I’m quite new to MFL teaching (primary) and am looking for ideas! Will try your idea next week! Thanks!

  2. issacgreaves says:

    Update – my GCSE class said that when we don’t do this activity to drill vocabulary, they struggle to remember the words. My other classes just love getting out of their seats. I have incorporated this into every lesson now as a quick drilling activity. The kids (in my school at least) love it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This looks brilliant!

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