A nice little ‘mixer’ I use when doing circle time with my classes just before an activity or a plenary.  When students sit in a circle, they naturally sit with their friends, so the idea is to mix them all up.  Choose three/four items of fruit then name each student as an item of fruit in the TL e.g. apple, orange, banana and grape.  Choose a student to be ‘on’, student shouts apple in the TL then all the apples have to swap seats, the student who was ‘on’ needs to find a seat, other students cannot return to the seat they left and therefore someone else will be standing to call the next fruit out.  If said student shouts ‘fruit salad’ in the TL then everyone must try to change seats.

You don’t have to just use food items, I did schoolbag and contents when ‘schoolbag’ was shouted, all had to move.  You can use phrases and change the vocabulary and play a few times either as a revision or as general vocabulary practise.


  • No equipment needed

Extension activities

  • Move on to short phrases

A good activity because…

  • You don’t need any equipment
  • Great for small SEN groups to generally practise vocabulary
  • We have 100 minute lessons and it can be a good energiser and kinaesthetic activity
  • Great mixer (of students) when doing circle time activities

About issacgreaves

I am a huge fan of cross-curricular projects; why not kill two birds with one stone? The beauty of languages is that there is always a way to teach anything through them, History, Geography ICT, Music, Sport etc. All that it takes is a little bit of imagination and collaboration. I am also a fan of using ICT to support my own development and to engage students where possible and that is where blogs like these come in handy. So in a nutshell you have me: blogger, tweeter, collaborator, educational enthusiast, leader of languages, founder and facilitator of ALL Teesside, doctoral student and practitioner of ICT.

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