This blog is being put together by (mainly) teachers of languages.  The aim of the blog is to create a searchable archive of ideas for activities – especially starters and plenaries – as it’s easy to get stuck in a rut or run out of ideas when planning a lesson.

These activities are context-free so you can adapt them to your planning.

The activities are also tagged with the things that you really want to know about, like “Does this require photocopying?” “Will it take long?” and “Do I have to mark it?”.

You can search the blog in the following ways:

  • Searching in the search box on the right will search all text in the entire blog.
  • You can filter the activities by tags by clicking on the tag that interests you.

An example search might be for activities which require no resources, so for that you’d click on “no resources”.

  • You can also filter the activities by category in the box on the left. So by clicking on “Starters” you’ll find all of the starter activities that have been posted.

What do you think?

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