Prepare a sentence-builder type table, each column containing 6 or so options (depending how long you want the activity to go on for…). Your table should be such that you could pick any element from each column and make a decent sentence (see below for an example).

You should also prepare a basic table for recording guesses (again, see below).

The idea is that the teacher picks one item from each column, in secret, and records their options (e.g. 31213), for example on a mini whiteboard or piece of paper. The class then have to try and guess the sentence by reading out possibilities. E.g. “Vivo con mi familia en un chalet grande en el campo. No me gusta porque es tranquilo.” The teacher then reveals how many correct elements there are (in this case, 1). The guesser can record the numbers of their guesses in the table and the number of correct options. By elimination (or luck) someone will eventually arrive at the correct sentence!

This can also be played in pairs: you could have them compete to see who can do it in the fewest guesses.

Pre-task extension: as part of vocab revision or CA preparation, get students to prepare their own tables. Encourage them to check that answers make sense and they have included agreements as necessary, etc.


Mastermind grid:

1. Vivo en una casa adosada
1. moderno/a
1. en el campo.
1. Me encanta porque
1. es cómodo/a.
2. Vivo con mi familia en un chalet
2. grande
2. en la costa.
2. Me gusta bastante porque
2. es bonito/a.
3. Vivo en un piso
3. antiguo/a
3. en las afueras de la ciudad.
3. No me gusta porque
3. es tranquilo/a.
4. Mi familia y yo vivimos en una granja
4. pequeño/a
4. en un pueblo.
4. No me gusta nada porque
4. es ruidoso/a.

Guess record grid:

          No. of correct guesses
 2 2 1  3 3 1



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