I have found with one of my low ability groups a good way to keep attention whilst presenting new work on the Interactive White board was by using a worksheet.

The worksheet I created had gaps in and the pupils had to literally fill in the gaps as we went through the new work/ grammar structure/ vocab/ ideas etc. It allowed the pupils to follow the new information whilst keeping focus so that they could fill in the sheet which ultimately becomes their reference sheet for any further tasks.

This task gave some ownership to the pupils as they were in charge of copying the right section/ word down. It could be made harder by leaving more gaps for pupils’ own examples or synonyms. Also the pupils could be given the chance to guess the answers beforehand if it is being used as a refresher/ revision activity.


About eames172

A trainee MFL teacher (GTP) looking for ideas to help my planning and share ideas that I have tried and tested in my lessons.

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  1. sc says:

    Love this idea 🙂

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