This is a good way for testing vocabulary in a whole class situation.  There are two ways of doing this: you either reward knowledge and the student gets to sit down when they get it right, or you challenge it and they stay standing.  The last one standing can therefore be a good thing or a bad thing! 

You go round the class, rapidly firing the vocabulary you want to test, English-TL or TL-English.  If the student gets it right, they either sit down or stay standing, depending on the version you are playing.  Go round the whole class, round and round until you either have a winner or a loser standing.  

If you are doing it so the last one standing is the winner, it can get very competitive and very long!


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I'm a French and Spanish teacher with a passion for ICT. My blog seems to be mainly how-to-guides and reviews of things I find useful, but who knows how it will develop in the future! Views are my own, not my employer's.

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