Students, working in pairs, are given a set of picture cards, word cards matching the pictures and a set of opinion picture cards.  Students play with one hand and have their thumbs on the table edge.  Start playing with either the words or the pictures depending on preceding activities.  If using pictures, teacher shouts the word for the picture in the TL, first student to ‘snatch’ it first wins it.  Student with most cards wins.  Do the same with word cards in TL but shout out the English.  Introduce picture opinion cards to pictures and Teacher shouts full sentences in the TL and students have to try to ‘snatch’ the opinion card and the picture card.  This can be done in English with the word cards.  Students could work in threes and take it in turns to play the role of the teacher.  The kids absolutely love this game and actually scream with enjoyment as they play.


  • Set of picture cards related to topic
  • Set of word cards to match the picture cards
  • Set of opinion picture cards
  • I have a set here under ‘los deportes powerpoint‘ in Spanish but picture cards can be used for any language.
Extension activities
  • Use the same cards to match the Spanish to the picture
  • Once picture and Spanish matched, students can write sentences
  • Students can play ‘Pairs’
  • You can play bingo with the picture or word cards plus opinions.
A good activity because…
  • All students are doing something, not watching the chosen couple at the board.
  • Very good for kinaesthetic students as they are constantly doing something.

‘Snatch’ idea taken from a session on the PGCE by Kathleen who I believe works at Gosforth School in Newcastle.


About issacgreaves

I am a huge fan of cross-curricular projects; why not kill two birds with one stone? The beauty of languages is that there is always a way to teach anything through them, History, Geography ICT, Music, Sport etc. All that it takes is a little bit of imagination and collaboration. I am also a fan of using ICT to support my own development and to engage students where possible and that is where blogs like these come in handy. So in a nutshell you have me: blogger, tweeter, collaborator, educational enthusiast, leader of languages, founder and facilitator of ALL Teesside, doctoral student and practitioner of ICT.

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  1. I was wondering how long it would take for you to post this one! 😉

    • issacgreaves says:

      I even managed to keep out the innuendos – was this concise enough? I have to stop myself from babbling – will do that on my own blog lol

      • Sure, nice and concise. The main thing is that the activity is explained. Everything else is a bonus and will make it easier to implement the activity. It’s all about the inspiration…

  2. misstdunne says:

    It would be useful to teach the TL for ‘cheat’ beforehand 😉
    Tricheur! ¡Tramposo!

  3. misstdunne says:

    An alternative version that includes fewer little bits of paper and less chances for violence is what one colleague called ‘pointy pointy’ – same idea, just all pictures on one sheet between two, could then be used for something else. This was with an SEN class…

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