An activity I found worked well as a starter at the beginning of year 7 helped with numbers.

As the pupils entered they each were given a number (not in the right order), in silence they needed to get themselves in sequential order by only saying the number they had been given and pointing either side.

For example, pupil A tells pupils B ‘quatre’. pupil B then points either side as to whether the number is higher or lower than his. This goes on until the pupils are happy they are in the correct order.

You then do a number call from one end to the other to check it.

The only thing you should hear are French numbers and this can be a timed activity or not depending on pressure and previous knowledge of the numbers.

I’m sure it could also be adapted to other learning topics as well.


About eames172

A trainee MFL teacher (GTP) looking for ideas to help my planning and share ideas that I have tried and tested in my lessons.

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