This is a bit like Snatch, but calmer and fewer bits of paper flying around!

You give students a sheet of paper with images (or words) on, and you shout out a word, the first person in each pair to put their finger/coin/counter on the matching picture/word wins a point.

Good for SEN classes for practising vocabulary.  Students can then do the same in small groups, with one acting as the teacher.


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I'm a French and Spanish teacher with a passion for ICT. My blog seems to be mainly how-to-guides and reviews of things I find useful, but who knows how it will develop in the future! Views are my own, not my employer's.

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  1. issacgreaves says:

    Although I do like ‘Splat’ this is much better for full class participation. Splat, could be used as a mini-plenary after students have had a go together on these ‘Pointy-pointy’ cards.

    • misstdunne says:

      I find that this actually involves more whole class participation than Splat as it is the same game but all pupils playing it at the same time in pairs, not just two people at the board.

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