Simple and straight forward activity to present vocabulary in a different way.  Students, working in pairs are given a couple of sheets of scrap paper that they are able to write the English and their TL meanings.  Students then rip/cut them up into equally (as possible) ‘playing cards’.  Students can then mix them up, turn them over so you can’t see any of the text and then play pairs, the memory game where you have to match the TL with the English.  Students with the most cards win.  Good for kinaesthetic learners.


About issacgreaves

I am a huge fan of cross-curricular projects; why not kill two birds with one stone? The beauty of languages is that there is always a way to teach anything through them, History, Geography ICT, Music, Sport etc. All that it takes is a little bit of imagination and collaboration. I am also a fan of using ICT to support my own development and to engage students where possible and that is where blogs like these come in handy. So in a nutshell you have me: blogger, tweeter, collaborator, educational enthusiast, leader of languages, founder and facilitator of ALL Teesside, doctoral student and practitioner of ICT.

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  1. […] Students can play ‘Pairs’ […]

  2. […] Students can play ‘Pairs’ […]

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