This is a way I use to try and get pupils used to speaking at length and using different tenses, adjectives, adverbs etc. I have a score sheet that goes up on the board that looks something like this: preterite 10, imperfect 10, perfect tense 15, subjunctive 20, verb link phrase (eg despues de haber + pp) 15, future tense 10, conditional 10, continuous tense 10, acabar de 15, original adjective 5, adverb 5, comparative/superlative 5, lo phrase 5, moment of originality 10, moment of genius 10 etc etc. I sometimes minus points for using words like ‘bueno’, ‘malo’,’aburrido’ or repetitiveness depending on the ability of the set.
I will set a question, give everyone a minute or two to think about it, and then pupils have 30-45 seconds to speak, and I award points for what they say. You can play with pairs if you want for larger sets. I used to play it a lot when we did the OCR GCSE with the role play 3s (picture stimulus) and do it still with the WJEC word webs. It gets pupils into good habits about learning the importance of what to say in order to target As and A*s in the speaking and because people get quite competitive it takes away the nervousness barrier to some extent. The other benefit is that pupils hear what other pupils do, and start copying phrases that they know score points, and it creates a memory for when they actually do a speaking assessment.


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  1. A fab idea! Really great to motivate speaking and to try to get high level vocabulary in there.

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