Supported speaking activity useful for practice, revision, modelling, encouraging more reluctant speakers.

Prepare a short model conversation (equivalent to 1 paragraph?) in TL. Label the 2 participants A/B. Copy and paste the dialogue so you have 2 versions. On one version, add prompts in English for A, but delete the TL version, leaving only the first letter of each word and dashes to represent each letter e.g.

Normally I go to Greece with my family, because the weather is good and I love the beaches.

N———- v– a G—– c– m- f——, p—– h— b— t—– y m- e——- l– p—–.

On the other, do the same for B.

So; each copy has one set of responses in TL (to help their partner/check their answers) and one set of responses in English with prompts. Copy the 2 versions onto A4 card, with the top of each facing the middle of the card (so whichever way you look, one dialogue is the right way up and one is upside-down). Fold the card in half to form a wigwam which will stand between 2 students. Students take it in turns to translate the English from their version and find they are having a conversation in TL!

Extension/adaption ideas:

Give students the chance to prepare in pairs before hand – i.e. 2 As working together to work out their bit. A good time to practice saying it out loud too, to build confidence and check pronunciation with each other.

Give weaker students a vocab list to use if they feel they need it/have one at the front of the room that they can visit up to 3 times – this is a useful exercise for building confidence so make sure they can do it!

Afterwards, students analyse language in their pairs to find elements which make it a ‘good’ conversation / level or grade it / find ways to improve it.

Students underline elements that they could change to adapt the conversation to be about themselves / a celeb, then try again, changing the underlined elements to encourage more spontaneous speaking.

Students can prepare their own versions to swap/ practice with each other.


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