This is quite a good term ender or revision game, or maybe something for the last few minutes of a lesson. I call. Basically, have a list of categories for the subjects that you want the revise (for GCSE could be , Comida/Bebida, Ropa, Partes del Cuerpo, Deportes, Verbos, Adjectivos, Lugar en una ciudad, Cosa en una casa etc. Pupils play individually, in pairs or small groups. A letter is picked and then they have to write down a word beginning with that letter in each category. The first person/pair /team to complete the categories shouts’ Stop’  and gets 5 points and everyone stops writing. You then go through the answers, original answers get 10 points, words that other groups have get 5. For example, for ‘B’ you could have the following answers based on the categories above: batido, bufanda, boca, baloncesto, bailar, bello, bar, butaca.

A different version of this is to give a category and pairs / teams have one minute to write down 10 words within that category. Again, 5 points for an answer that another group has, 10 point for originality.


What do you think?

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