Another way to make pupils read…..

A common activity in the MFL classroom is a gap fill task, where pupils have a variety of words that need to be placed in a text. Why not shake this activity up and put the words around the room for them to find. They love the challenge of finding them, and then are more focused when they need to sit down and try to put all the words in the text correctly.


About Samantha Broom

I am a HoMFL at a school in Blackpool and I teach Spanish and French. I was trained at St Martin's College (now University of Cumbria) and believe in making languages fun and enjoyable for all. I am webmistress of and enjoy sharing resources and ideas.

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  1. zanyplanet says:

    I am a French teacher in India . I used your gap fill idea with my students of IB and it was a great hit. I cut up a small text and kept missing phrases around the room. The competitive element really got my boys enthused. thanks for alovely idea.

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