Here is a speaking activity for your classes which can be based on any text that you have and around any vocabulary that you wish to practise.

All you then need to do is to amend parts of it so that there are three options for a pupil to chose from.

First, send a pupil out of the room. Whilst they are outside, get the class to decide which answer will be the correct part of the first sentence with a multiple choice answer (a, b or c) and then do this for each multiple choice sentence. (Note: all answers could be correct, the aim is for the pupil to pick the same as the class and to get as much reading and listening practice in as possible.) Once the class has decided on the a/b/c option for each sentence, call the pupil back in and get them to read aloud the text. When they get to a multiple choice option encourage them to pick one. If it is wrong get the whole class to say something along the lines of Non, ce n’est pas correct, encore une fois! or No es correcto, otra vez and the pupil reading has to start all over again. If they are right they can receive a chorus of Oui, c’est correct, continue or si, es correcto, continua before carrying on.

Once the pupil reaches the end of the passage they should get a round of applause and then pupils can do this activity in pairs, choosing their own a/b/c options for their partner. You may wish to encourage them to write down the options they have chosen so that no one can be accused of cheating!

If you would like to see example texts then I have lots uploaded on my website, just search for Encore une fois or Otra vez or you can see a beginners Spanish example through the link below.

me presento Otra Vez text with pupil worksheet


About Samantha Broom

I am a HoMFL at a school in Blackpool and I teach Spanish and French. I was trained at St Martin's College (now University of Cumbria) and believe in making languages fun and enjoyable for all. I am webmistress of and enjoy sharing resources and ideas.

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