A twist on a listening activity for you…..

Give pupils a small card with an image on it, representing some of they key vocabulary that the class have been learning eg. if you have been learning daily routine, each card could show each of the reflexive verbs learnt, some pupils could have the same card – it doesn’t matter. Play an extract from an audio file (or read your own text out loud) and when a pupil hears their word they have to stand up and then sit back down again quickly. You should end up with pupils popping up all over the room if they are paying attention. Once you have done this once get the pupils to swap cards and do it again or make it harder by giving them two cards to listen out for.


About Samantha Broom

I am a HoMFL at a school in Blackpool and I teach Spanish and French. I was trained at St Martin's College (now University of Cumbria) and believe in making languages fun and enjoyable for all. I am webmistress of www.languagesresources.co.uk and enjoy sharing resources and ideas.

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  1. This sounds seriously fun. I suppose you could also do this just by getting them to write down the word they need to react to. Perhaps from a list on the board. Then they could find the people they think had the same words too…

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