This is a highly popular game with lots of sets and is one of loads of games you can play with flashcards. You blue tack a load of cards on the board, either of pictures that you want to revise the vocabulary of, or the words themselves. Have a couple of teams (maybe up to 3) for sizeable sets, or possibly you can play individually. Basically, you say the word you want them to find on the board (eg a Spanish word for picture cards, or the English word if you have the Spanish words on the board) and the first person to get the card wins. I normally have them facing me as I say the word, and ban any form of wrestling, pushing or physical contact! It becomes very competitive and is a good way of revising vocabulary or verb endings, or anything really! The winner is the one with most cards at the end.


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  1. cj8922 says:

    Ooh – nice variation on splat! I like that the students have a tangible means of seeing who is winning – adds to the competition!

    Also, FAO admin: just wondering if it would be possible to be added as a contributor to the blog?

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