Great for KS4 & 5. May also work with G&T KS3 in small groups. Good way to use speaking skills. Helpful at teaching stage in preparation for GCSE controlled speaking assessments. Keeps students on their toes, engaged and enables others to speak in front of their peers.

How it works? The teacher or a student asks a question. E.g Que hiciste el verano pasado? First student starts answer with a word. (probably ‘el’) then in turn students add to the sentence. The key here is that the students need to know that they must try to include the following: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adjectival agreement, verbs, tenses, linking words, reasons and opinions.
The aim is to get to the last person in class or group with a sentence/paragraph that makes sense and is accurate and if really good has demonstrated all of the above.

If it is a bit predicatable and the kids are getting good at it due to their seating plan you could try a random name picker on the interactive whiteboard. You could also have a scribe to record the sentence/paragraph. Students that cannot think or are not accurate could be out of the game.


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  1. missegordon says:

    I especially like the idea of a scribe. Nice way to build up a sentence.

  2. Lizzi says:

    I have tried this in a slightly different way. I have words on paper that make up a simple sentence, I then get pupils to add to the sentence increasing the complexity. I get them to write the word down and stand in line to add it into the sentence. Each time a section is finished, they must read it out from the start (with higher abilities you can just get them to remember their word). I normally end up with the whole class stood up. It’s a great way to model the higher level and then get them to create a similar sentence on their own or in groups afterwards.

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