One for Radio 4 fans…play Just A Minute in target language. Definitely not claiming to be the inventor of this one, that would be Ian Messiter. Add or remove rules to suit your class’ level. Good for encouraging a wider range of vocabulary, especially connectives.

Students must talk for 1 minute on the topic of your choice without Hesitation, Repetition or Deviation. Students not speaking should “challenge” each other by interrupting (and pausing the timer) stating why they interrupted. Correct challenges score points and are awarded the subject. The person speaking at the end also gets a point.

Works really well in small groups with confident students, especially A Level and GCSE.

Any variations?


About Eleanor Gordon

Jobseeker with an interest in the arts, trained in languages and education.

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  1. misstdunne says:

    No variations, but I was so happy when a student got the Radio 4 link and shouted out “HESITATION!” when he asked me to reexplain something.

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