This quick and fun activity worked well in the films topic.  Get a student standing or sat in front of the board with their back to it.  You (or another student) writes a word, or in this case, the title of a film, on the board.

The student in the ‘hot seat’ has to ask questions to the rest of the class to try to work out what the word says, e.g. Is it a horror film?  Is it a romantic film?  Is Antonio Banderas in it? 

You can make this like Twenty Questions, where the only answers possible are yes or no, or you can allow the student to ask more open questions like What type of film is it?


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I'm a French and Spanish teacher with a passion for ICT. My blog seems to be mainly how-to-guides and reviews of things I find useful, but who knows how it will develop in the future! Views are my own, not my employer's.

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  1. missegordon says:

    Also works nicely (and at times hilariously) with actors… Suis-je Angelina Jolie?

  2. quizexpander says:

    Oh yes I remember that game from school, it’s really a fun game!

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