A game for practising verb conjugations, any verb and any tense you like.

Number the personal pronouns:

  1. I
  2. You (singular)
  3. He / She / It
  4. We
  5. You (plural)
  6. They

Then show or say an infinitive. Roll a dice and students must conjugate the verb in the selected person. You could play this as a team game, a whole class game or without a competitive element.

To get the answers you could use mini whiteboards, get students to shout out, have a scribe at the board to write the answer, take turns as a class, see how many the class can do in 1 minute, get everyone in the class to do one roll of the dice and time the class…any more ideas?


About Eleanor Gordon

Jobseeker with an interest in the arts, trained in languages and education.

4 responses »

  1. pedrozinho76 says:

    Love this idea, and the various others I have quickly breezed through. I will by passing yout blog URL to my other department members! Great stuff.

  2. Anneli Mclachlan says:

    Use at AS/A2, roll three times, once for person, once for verb, once for tense. Then get them to give a sentence using the conjugated verb.

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