An oldie but a goodie.

In small groups, students start a sentence that can be finished with a list. Each new student must recall the full sentence and add something new to the list.

Student 1: I went to the supermarket and I bought…a banana.

Student 2: I went to the supermarked and I bought a banana and a yogurt.

Student 3: I went to the supermarket and I bought a banana, a yogurt and a tin of beans…

Could be expanded for many different topic areas…ideas in comments!


About Eleanor Gordon

Jobseeker with an interest in the arts, trained in languages and education.

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  1. Samlucsmum says:

    Played this a lot and the students always love it (adults, teenagers and children alike!).Great way to use that all important repitition without it feeling like a drilling exercise!

    • missegordon says:

      It is a fun one. Students also like it timed and then trying to beat their time. I hadn’t even thought of it in a drilling context, so you’re right about it not feeling like drilling!

  2. issacgreaves says:

    This is especially good if you do it as a part of a circle time activity. I have started doing more circle time speaking with my SEN groups and throw in the odd game in between each activity. When they are confident enough, time them to see how long it takes to get around the circle.

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