Here are some great ideas for plenaries from

1. Guess the Question

  • Provide students with answers, they have to guess the questions!

2. Just a Minute

  • Split the students into groups of three
  • Give each group an envelope with key words from today’s lesson
  • The students take it in turns to explain the key words to the rest of the group in under a minute
  • The person to guess gets to choose the next key word to explain to the group


3. Topic Tennis

  • Split the students into groups of three – two players and a scorer
  • The teacher says the topics then the two players take it in turns to say words related to that topic until one player can’t go
  • The third person notes down the words and decides the score – one point every time the other person can’t think of a word (or use tennis scoring)
  • If there is time, share the best words with the class


4. Noughts and Crosses

  • Draw a noughts and crosses grid and number each square, one to nine on the board
  • Split the class into two groups – team one (noughts) and team two (crosses)
  • Team one choose a number from the grid
  • The teacher reads a question pre-assigned to that number
  • If team one answer correctly they get a nought in that square.  If they answer incorrectly, team two get a cross in that square
  • Regardless of whether a nought or cross was awarded, it is now team two’s turn


5. Memory Game

  • Show all the keywords from today’s lesson on the board
  • Give the students two minutes to memorise them in groups or pairs
  • Then remove the prompt and give the students three minutes to see how many words they can recall in their groups
  • The group who remember the most (and spelt them correctly!) wins!


6. The KWL Approach

  • It may also be useful at the end of some lessons to use the KWL approach to gather information which can help you to decide what to do in the next lesson.
  • Ask pupils to feed back to you:
    • What I already Know
    • What I Want to know
    • What I have Learnt

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